Our Kulfi’s are worth bragging but we let our customers do the talking.

Here is what few of our customers had to tell about our kulfi’s when approached by different agencies.

Nimish Gupta

Amazing kulfi, and great for takeaway as it’s packed very well in a layer of ice. Stays perfectly in the freezer for a long time and tastes divine during a hot afternoon or evening. A healthy option for kids instead of the dalda laden “frozen desserts”. Tried the kesar pista, pista badam and the mango flavors, all very superb. My favorite is probably the mango.

Anushree Nambiar

“A bunch of us would play basketball at the Bowring Institute and treat ourselves later to a kulfi at Bowring Stall. I have been frequenting here for more than a decade and still love going there to have kulfis”

Kristina Inneme

“Stumbled by here after walking around discovering Bangalore. Wanting some ice cream on a hot day and this was the place to get it. I got the Mango Kulfi and oh my goodness it was soooo good. Because of the way it was made it doesn’t melt fast, so we were able to take it away and keep walking without it going everywhere. They had lots of different flavors!”

Zaid Akmal
“It is the finest juice shop of the city, here all types of juices are available, every type of fruit juice is available here in this shop, all juices are prepared freshly and supplied, the customer satisfaction and the customer service is at its best, they also undertakes big parties and functions orders, I want to exhibit about this shop to all of my known people”

Akash G

“Another classic of Bangalore. Most of us from the early 2000’s have fond memories of this place. The best quality kulfi :)”

T.S Naveen

“Had yummy & mouthwatering kulfis, the best flavour is kesar badam, with crispy badam pieces. Very friendly staff, also when you need a parcel to your house, the staff ensures it gets neatly packed with proper refrigeration.”